ALAN McGee will never forget the traumatic moment when he realised Oasis were about to go supersonic.

‘I was holed up in Glasgow recovering from my drug addiction in the middle of this hugely depressing scenario,’ revealed the Scots pop mogul. ‘Oasis had just recorded their 1994 debut album, Definitely Maybe for my label, Creation Records. ‘They were appearing on The Word – on Channel Four – performing first single, Supersonic.

‘I switched on my TV and thought: ‘f****** hell we’ve actually done it’. The camera focused on Liam Gallagher and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. It was amazing.

‘That was probably the highest point I’ve ever had with Oasis because I was so low personally.’ ‘It was even greater than discovering them at King Tut’s on May 18, 1993. ‘I realised I’d fulfilled my dream. I’d found this amazing rock band who would, to date, sell 41 million records worldwide.’

Last week, McGee took a look back at Oasis’ turbulent career to coincide with the 10th anniversary of that debut album. McGee reckons Oasis can live forever, saying: ‘You ain’t seen nothing yet.’ Here are his highlights of 10 mad, musical years with Oasis.

best secret

As a songwriter, Noel Gallagher is Oasis’ secret weapon. He’s an incredible musician.

He wrote Masterplan, which I rate as one of the greatest songs of the last 20 years. Noel is always being slagged off for weak lyrics but listen to the words of this song – they’re stunning.

In recent years, Noel has come up with other classic tracks such asGo Let It Out and Stop Crying Your Heart Out.

What Oasis need to do in future is put 10 great songs on a record, not just one or two.

best brother

LIAM has complete and utter self confidence in his ability. He’s a nutter, incredibly talented and is an amazing vocalist. He has as much attitude as he has music ability.

For me, there’s Elvis Presley, John Lennon, Johnny Rotten and Liam Gallagher. He’s up there with the best. Oasis got so big so fast. Liam didn’t know the rules about growing up in the music industry. That was an advantage because he never got corrupted by it. He refused to lick anyone’s a***.

One minute, Liam was on the dole queue, the next he was a multi-millionaire rock idol. He missed out the weary slog in the middle most other artists have to face. But Noel is a genius. As the years roll on, I think he gets more and more underrated. He doesn’t get enough credit. Some people think Oasis are not moving music on. But who’s really done that? The Beatles. The Rolling Stones. David Bowie. Only a select few. Oasis’ songs still define a generation.

best gig

I’M in the minority… I thought Oasis were brilliant at Glastonbury. What was so great about them? I can sum that up in two words – Liam Gallagher. He looked stunning. Nobody has that kind of attitude or sheer presence on a stage. I think that, 10 years from now, Oasis could still be selling out venues the size of Wembley Stadium to 80,000 fans. What’s to stop them? They’re one of the best live acts on the planet.

best bust up

THEY fight like cat and dog but underneath it all Liam and Noel basically love each other. Despite all the fights they’ll always be there for each other. One night I was DJ-ing at my club Death Disco when Liam wanted to talk. I was playing Girls Girls Girls by Motley Crue and couldn’t hear what he was saying. So Liam just lifted the needle off the record – mid-song – and had his conversation. The club came to a standstill. You can either take great offence or see it for what it was – a great rock ‘n’ roll moment. He’s a nutter. The public will never get fed up with Liam’s antics. You never know what he’ll do next.

best songs

I THINK Oasis can go on for another 10 years because their catalogue of songs is so excep-tional. Liam and Noel still have more great albums in them. In terms of new material, it could be said they’ve gone off the boil. But as Chuck Berry once said: ‘How many good songs do you need?’ Oasis still have 20 better songs than most other bands. The only danger is Liam and Noel might get fed up and musically take a break from each other. Don’t worry, they’ll both make great records.

best ever

I’M incredibly proud of having found Oasis. I DJ all over the world with my Death Disco club night. It’s amazing appearing in a place such as Dublin and for brickies to come and say: ‘You changed my life.’ First time they do it you think they’re taking the p***. After the 14th time you realise they mean it. Musically, I don’t think I’ll ever discover another group of the stature of Oasis. They changed the whole landscape of UK rock music.