Rocker Noel is ‘too old’

OASIS star Noel Gallagher may quit being a rocker – because at 36 he is getting

too old!

The dad-of-one said: “Rock ’n’ roll is a young man’s game.

“As long as I’ve got my hair I will keep going.

“If I start to go bald I will definitely pack it in.”

Noel se contredit car là il dit qu’il continuera tant qu’il aura des cheveux

(?!), donc ça pourrait durer toute sa vie si il ne les perd pas. De plus ce

genre de phrases, c’est plutôt Liam qui les dit, il a maintes fois répété que s’il perdait ses cheveux “you’ll never see me on that fuckin’ stage anymore. There’s no place for baldness in rock ‘n’ roll”.