COVER STORY: Noel in City Life

OASIS fans had better prepare themselves for a shock. For Burnage’s most famous

son has hinted that he may not be touring for much longer.

At 36, the group’s guitarist and chief songwriter, Noel Gallagher, admits he now

compares notes with fellow dad-rocker, Paul Weller, on how old is too old to be

a rock star.

“If he packs it in, I won’t be far behind,” he told this week’s City Life


Gallagher was speaking exclusively at a Worsley hotel, where the group were

filming for a 10-year retrospective DVD about their debut album, Definitely


He says: “You start to dress very differently in your thirties. Sometimes, I

have to have a long hard look in the mirror and ask myself: Do I look a ****?'”

And the prospects for Oasis touring into their dotage like The Rolling Stones?

“The longer you do it, the more you do fear it, yeah,” he says. “At some point,

you’ve got to accept that music has moved on and you’re not the cat’s whiskers

any more.

“What brings it home to you is when people stop you in the street for

autographs, and they’re quite old these days.”

But, 10 years on from the dawn of Britpop, it seems Gallagher still cannot

resist raking over the embers of that infamous Blur-Oasis feud.

And, just for good measure, he has taken a pop at another rock luminary, Suede

frontman Brett Anderson.

“I think Blur and Suede suffered from the same thing – their singers became

egomaniacs. Brett Anderson wanted Bernard Butler out and Damon Albarn is now

running away with his band.” And he’s not finished there. Of the music of

retro-rock darlings The Darkness, he says: “I just find it really, really

inoffensive. It doesn’t do anything for me.”

Gallagher Snr huffs oddly: “Cat Deeley bands – that’s what The Flaming Lips and

The Darkness are. But nothing against Cat Deeley, I’m sure she’s a very nice


As for The Strokes, Noel loves them, but the second album is “dog****”, while

The Vines and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club are “top live, but the music is ****.”

Only Coldplay get an unqualified Gallagher thumbs-up.

Meanwhile, Oasis go into the studio next month to record what he promises will

be “a proper psychedelic rock ‘n’ roll record”.

It is also likely to be a collective effort, with brother Liam apparently

writing “too many songs” for Noel’s liking after learning how to play the