Voici un grand dossier consacré au plagiat dans les chansons d’Oasis.


Flying – The Beatles: Noel said this Beatles song was the influence

I’d like To Teach the World to Sing – New Seekers: a direct rip of the vocal melody

Live Forever

Wonderful Tonight – Eric Clapton: the guitar solo is similar


Finest Worksong – REM: similar music and vocal melody


My Sweet Lord – George Harrison: the lead guitar is similar

Cigarettes & Alcohol

Get It On – T.Rex: a direct lift of the riff (note that T.Rex has a song called Cigarettes & Alcohol)

This Song – George Harrison: similar beginning (thanks Sean)

Slide Away

Titled pinched from a song off the first Verve album (A Song in the Heaven).

Married With Children

Lithium – Nirvana: similar chord structure


How Sweet To Be an Idiot – Neil Innes: Noel Gallagher was forced to co-credit Innes as songwriter

All The Young Dudes – Mott The Hoople: Oasis still kept some of the vocal melody (see covers section)

All You Need Is Love – The Beatles: similar cello lines as on the outro


Hello, Hello I’m Back Again – Gary Glitter: Glitter is co-credited as songwriter

Medicine Jar – Wings: music is very similar


Homesick – The Cure: the piano part is uncannily similar

Don’t Look Back In Anger

Imagine – John Lennon: piano intro is uncannily similar

“I suppose 50% of that (stealing from the Beatles) is in there to wind people up and the other 50% of it is saying look, this is how songs like ‘Don’t Look Back in Anger’ come about is because of songs like ‘Imagine’. It’s also for the 15 year old who’s never heard Imagine and he might go Imagine? I’ve never heard of that and he might go out and buy the album.” – Noel

The Swamp Song

On The Road Again – Canned Heat: Noel admitted he borrowed from this 60’s classic

She’s Electric

With A Little Help From My Friends – The Beatles: a direct borrow of the outro

You And Me – The theme tune from a kids TV show

Morning Glory

The One I Love – REM: lead guitar riff is uncannily similar

Champagne Supernova

Bring It on Home – Led Zeppelin: guitar solo is similar

D’You Know What I Mean?

Oasis – Wonderwall: uses the same chords

Stand By Me

All The Young Dudes – Mott The Hoople: chord structure and chorus melody is very similar

The Girl in the Dirty Shirt

Heart Of Stone – Neil Young: similar intros

Don’t Go Away

One – U2: similar intros

All Around The World

Hey Jude – The Beatles: outro is based around this Beatles classic


I Only Want To Be With You – Dusty Springfield: vocal melody is similar on the verses

Talk Tonight

Nirvana – On a Plain: inspired lyrics Sleeping on a plane, you know you can’t complain/I’m on a plain, I can’t complain.

Underneath The Sky

Call Me – Blondie: music is quite similar

Going Nowhere

Comfortably Numb – Pink Floyd: pre-chorus vocal melody is similar

Fade Away

Freedom – Wham: verse vocal melody is uncannily similar


Stay With Me – The Small Faces: music is based heavily on this song

The Masterplan

Spirit – Taurus: (note Led Zeppelins Stairway To Heaven was based on this song)

Fuckin’ In The Bushes

Little Miss Lover – Jimi Hendrix: drum intro is direct borrow

The Knock On Effect – U.N.K.L.E.: (note: Noel plays lead guitar on this song)

Go Let It Out

Book of Rules – Bob Weir & The Midnites: a blatant lift of the lyrics

Walk On Gilded Splinters – Duane Allman & Johnny Jenkins: Jenkins is co-credited

Strawberry Fields Forever – The Beatles: mellotron is similar on the chorus

Put Yer Money Where Yer Mouth Is

Roadhouse Blues – The Doors: melody and lyrics blatantly taken from this Doors classic

Little James

More Than Us – Travis: vocal melody is very similar

Gas Panic!

When The Levee Breaks – Led Zeppelin: Noel said this has a heavy Led Zeppelin feel to it

Sunflower – Paul Weller: chorus melody is similar

Pictures Of Lily – The Who: music is uncannily similar

Roll It Over

Live And Let Die – Paul McCartney: pre-chorus melody is similar

The Hindu Times

Same Size Feet – The Stereophonics: a direct rip of the music

Does Your Mother Know – ABBA: similar guitar riff

Force Of Nature

Nightclubbing – Iggy Pop: based heavily on this Iggy Pop classic

Hung In A Bad Place

No Fun – Iggy Pop & The Stooges: main riffs are very similar

Songbird (demo version)

I Should Have Known Better – The Beatles: harmonica is uncannily similar

(Probably) All In The Mind

Rain – The Beatles: heavily based on this Beatles classic

Waterfall – The Stone Roses: bass lines are similar

Born on a Different Cloud

Drive – REM: similar guitar fills on the outro

Better Man

I Don’t Want To Be A Soldier Mama – John Lennon: music and chorus uncannily alike

It’s So Hard – John Lennon: guitar intro is similar

Love Spreads – The Stone Roses: music is similar

The Cage

Black Sabbath – War Pigs: similar music

Take Me Away

Man On The Moon – REM: outro is uncannily similar (please note that REM’s song came years after Take Me Away)

Cloudburst (demo version)

Standing Here – The Stone Roses: similar music and vocal melody

You Sexy Thing – Hot Chocolate: riff is uncannily similar to the outro of the demo version

Step Out

Uptight – Stevie Wonder: Wonder is co-credited Rosalie – Thin Lizzy: members of Thin Lizzy is also co-credited

(As Long As They’ve Got) Cigarettes In Hell

Dear Prudence – The Beatles: similar guitar solos

Purple Parallelogram – Evan Dando

Take It Easy – The Eagles: Noel co-wrote this song; chorus is similar

Setting Sun – The Chemical Brothers

Tomorrow Never Knows – The Beatles: based around on this song; working title ‘Tomorrow Never Noels’.

Scorpio Rising – Death In Vegas

Pictures Of Matchstick Men – Status Quo: based around on this song; Status Quo is co-credited.