Voila une version de Wonderwall qui ne doit pas beaucou plaire a Liam et Noel mais qui rencontre surement un grand succès chez Manchester United, dans les tribunes d’Old Trafford :

Today will be another day, I wish I’d never been a Blue
I’m sure we saw it all before when we went down to division 2
I don’t believe that any team has played the way we do,
Apart from Slough.

Last week we had a bad defeat that we really could have done without
Felt sure that we were gonna score, but again we left the field with nowt
I don’t believe that Bill Shank-er-ley could stop us going down,
Nor could Don Howe

And all the roads to Wemb-er-ley are winding
We ain’t got any silverware for shining
We haven’t won a single thing for over 20 years
And we wont do now
Cos maybe, we should have got Liam Brady
But after all we got Alan Ball

Today was gonna be the day when I thought we’d sign someone new
But the deal crashed, not enough cash, and he’d only ever played for Crewe
I don’t believe that anybody would sign in their right mind anyhow

And all the shots we have on goal go wider
No one ever seems to play a blinder
There are many teams that I would love to see us beat
But I can’t see how
Cos maybe, we should have got Richard Madeley
But after all we got Alan Ball.

Allez, a big BOUH for Man United !!!!!